Thefts at Hotel Pools

The majority of time when travelers visit a hotel pool they end up with a relaxing time.  However, in some cases, hotel pool guest visitors end up leaving with less than they came with.  Thefts at hotel pools have been a problem for many years.  It is usually a small problem, unless it happens to you.  If you do a little bit of research on Google searching terms “theft at hotel pool” or “hotel pool thefts” you will find that the majority of posts will be from travelers who lodge complaints at thefts when visiting international destinations.

Hotel Pool Theft Prevention

Travelers who visit hotel pools should always keep in mind that most of these areas are open to outside guests.  Those that have secure areas can also be vulnerable when the thefts are committed by other hotel guests who may have a “thieving heart” and take advantage of those who are not paying attention to their valuables when left unattended on pool lounge chairs.

Several travel security bags are made with special cables and straps which can secure their bag’s contents and bags themselves from theft.  A listing of those pool security bags that are deemed travel safes can be found here, and security purses, security handbags, and security shoulder bags that have security zippers and shoulder straps that can be secured to pool lounge chairs can be found here.

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