Purse Snatching in Restaurants Videos

 One Quick Way to Stop Purse Snatching

Cross body travel purse with detachable strap

Cross body travel purse with detachable strap

Thefts of women’s purses at restaurants occur worldwide. Having your purse stolen while traveling overseas can devastate your trip. It’ll cause a huge inconvience – with the loss of your credit cards and identification.  The following videos shows the importance of keeping your purse secure and not on the floor, or simply looped over the back of a chair while dining. Purse snatchers will walk by and lift your purse off the back of your chair without you or your companion noticing.  Some clever purse snatchers work in teams with one distracting you while the other lifts your bag.

To dine with peace of mind travel with a security purse designed with a detachable and snatchproof purse strap. This medium sized bag is a favorite with travelers, it has a detachable strap that is long enough so that you can wear the bag cross-body style.

You can see more travel security hand bags with detachable straps, here.  With these bags yousimply detach one end of the strap and loop it through the back of your chair and attach it back onto the bag. Now your bag is snatch-proof and you can enjoy your meal, worry-free.